Clean Cloth Nappies Endorsement

The first officially endorsed detergent by the washing experts.

clean cloth nappies endorsed logo

We get the mountains.


Our concept of a new, clean living, plant based detergent range was created in 2019 and has taken two years to develop, test and find the right partners to make this dream come true.

Our dream team have 10+ years in e-commerce, plus 14+ years as a parent so we get laundry. Lot's of it.  We get those moments where you don't want to look at the mountain. We get those moments when you see your babe eating mulberries in that new white top. We get those frustrating moments where your eco detergent seems to do nothing. So we thought let's do something about it. We can't promise to make that mountain of laundry disappear, but we can promise to make things a little cleaner, easier and planet friendly.

clean cloth nappies endorsed logo
clean cloth nappies logo

What we wanted ...

Was an effective, planet friendly range of laundry detergents that actually worked. Tired of the eco detergents that promise everything and deliver nothing we wanted a formula that works even on the dirtiest of products, reusable nappies. If could develop a product that actually gets those nasty nappies clean, then we are onto a winning formula for washing everything else.  So that is exactly what we did. 

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