Why is Fabric Softener so bad?

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) traditional fabric softeners are one thing you should skip all together in the laundry. Why? Because of the potentially harmful ingredients like quaternary ammonium compounds (or quats) which have been shown to cause asthma or trigger asthma symptoms in certain people. Let alone the fact they also been linked to reproductive issues in animal studies, although much more research is needed.

Quats are made from lipids that essentially coat your clothes or towels in a fatty layer, making them smoother and softer to the touch. These fats can be derived from plants, minerals or even animals. These lipids cling to your clothing meaning your exposure to these chemicals can be longer than just one wear.
Many traditional fabric softeners also contain nasty ingredients like formaldehyde or 1.4 dioxane and methylisothiazolinone which have been linked to increase risks of cancer, or allergic reactions.
The nature of softener does make your clothes and towels feel snugglier sure, but it isn’t great for fabrics. This invisible layer will more than likely stop your clothes, nappies or towels from absorbing moisture. Even those expensive gym clothes can be affected as the prevents those fabrics from wicking away your sweat.

What to Use Instead of Fabric Softener

Wool Dryer Balls are da’ bomb! These solid balls are made of felted wool and the fluff up your items in the dryer, and also absorb the extra moisture in the dryer reducing drying time, and keeping your towels nice and fluffy. Chemical free, and a great way to keep your laundry soft naturally.

2-in1 Detergents with inbuilt softener like SOFT are formulated differently and ours is no exception. SOFT will gently soften your clothes, nappies or towels without nasty chemicals and the best thing – it won’t affect the absorbency. After 2-3 washes you will notice a difference in softness, plus combined with the deep cleaning enzymes you items will be clean AND soft. Plus it smells divine, using natural Australian botanical scents.

Distilled White Vinegar – a traditional approach to gently softening items, simply add half a cup to your wash. Don’t worry your clothes won’t smell like vinegar as it washes out.
So if you’re looking for a natural alternative to fabric softener then these are some great starting pointers.