Thanks for your time Kelly we know you’re a busy woman running a business and young family so appreciate you taking the time to chat.  We are very excited to be stocking both the Original 19L and Mini Strucket at b clean co as we have been big fans for a long time. We are super proud to be working with amazing Australian brands like yourself and we are being quite selective on the brands we stock but Strucket was a no-brainer decision for us.

What has been your proudest achievement as Founder of Strucket so far?

Oh that’s a tricky one!  So many things along the way but to be honest the fact that I have taken an idea and created a product loved by so many is the biggest “YES”!  So much research….3 years actually went into the creation, to ensure we offered a user friendly experience for our customers and to see photos everyday of how people use their Strucket is the best!

We know these ripper Aussie products are a game changer in our home, but what are your most frequent uses for the Strucket in your home?

As Strucket was inspired in the laundry around Bub, it definitely leans toward baby clothes that need soaking and nappy storage and dry pailing.

Next would be fruit and veggie soaking and cleaning.

But we have seen some pretty original uses – Chicken Brooding and Fleece Soaking.

These products solve a fairly simple problem that many mums can relate to  – such a clever invention so how did the idea come about?

My husband was the soaker in our family, I was busy with the children and he’d throw my son’s baby items into buckets of water to soak.  By the time I would come back to the laundry the bucket would look quite disgusting and often contained body fluid and I just didn’t have the time or want to remove the item.  This became a job that frustrating me as it was a daily occurrence.  I honestly went searching for a strainer bucket and couldn’t find it; I couldn’t believe something so simple was impossible to purchase….and so the story began!

Managing a family and business I’m sure you need to be fairly organised … what would be your best organisational tip for keeping on top of those laundry mountains?

Systems and just keep that laundry moving, great products help that too!  I constantly have a Strucket which soaks my dishcloths and tea towels….my nappy and baby clothes days are gone now.  I also use the Strucket Mini to store and cleanse my female hygiene products, we have 3 ladies in the house!

In terms of routine, we have priority piles!  Uniforms and work clothes, followed by sorting our regular clothing.  It’s a team effort too, my husband and I both have our own businesses but together we keep that washing machine moving!

Excellent cleaning products are a must, a great soaking solution plus stain remover and laundry detergent.

What is the most obscure use you have heard of for the Strucket?

I had a lady the other day send me this email, which was fabulous!!

Hi I just wanted to let you know I love my mini strucket usually to wash vegetables from the garden, tonight it is being used as a fish holding tank for a sick fish whilst we medicate him and clean the tank and mildly medicate the other fish. Tomorrow we will hang the basket in the tank and aid his recovery in peace. Just informed hubby I will have to get a new one for the veggies as this one is now for the aquarium, very happy as I love the new colours 😉Thank you Strucket

What has been the biggest challenge in manufacturing in Australia?  

With manufacturing there are always challenges regardless of where but I think having our biggest asset, which is the machinery for our product in Australia, has actually decreased potential issue.

I couldn’t fathom having something so important to my business offshore and the win is keeping our product 100% Australian.

Where do you see the future of Strucket? Are there some new products in the pipeline?

Oh there is always a product in my head, actually 5 currently!!!  We are hoping to release 1 of the products this Christmas but product development timing is long and often well overdue! 

I love creation of product but it’s also very challenging and expensive to pull it off. 

My vision for Strucket has always been an Aussie Icon, we do our best every day to build a product that has longevity.  The Hills Hoist Clothesline is an Aussie Icon still, well beyond it’s most successful years.  I hope Strucket is a brand familiar with Australians for many years to come!

Thanks Kelley for your time and both our Strucket take pride of place in our home. So great chatting with you.  

Sound like the Strucket or Strucket Mini might be game changer in your home too? Then you can shop both in our Laundry section.